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Ethos BeathChapman (EBC) is a global group of executive search experts in Australia, Asia and EMEA, with a broader network beyond. We connect exceptional people to exceptional companies. In Asia, our multidisciplinary expertise covers specialised functions across Banking & Financial Services, Accounting & Finance, Technology, Legal & Compliance, Insurance, Industrial, Life Science, Supply Chain and Procurement, Consumer & Healthcare recruitment markets, among others. Part of Will, EBC has ten offices worldwide in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Philippines, Netherlands and the UK.

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Technology and Data specialist to lead our organization's technological endeavours and drive data-driven decision-making. In this pivotal role, you will oversee a broad spectrum of responsibilities, ensuring the seamless operation and optimization of our systems. The ideal candidate will exhibit strong leadership skills, technical expertise, and a strategic mindset to contribute to our company's continued growth. Experience working in SME's preferred.

Systems Management: Be the Go-To Expert:

1.Expert Leadership: Serve as the primary point of contact for all matters related to systems, offering expertise and solutions to address user concerns.

2.Issue Resolution: Oversee and promptly address issues reported on various platforms, ensuring efficient problem resolution.

3.Seamless Integration: Collaborate with vendors to address integration challenges, fostering seamless system operation and reliability across systems used in the company.

4.Billing Management: Manage billings related to systems and address related inquiries.

Strategic Planning and Collaboration:

1.Representation in Planning Cycles: Represent the company in planning cycles, actively contributing insights to improve systems and programming targets on the digital analytics platform.

2.Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with stakeholders to enhance systems processes, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives.

3.Continuous Improvement: Constantly explore opportunities to enhance systems, explore new tools in the market focusing on improving the efficiency and experience of users.

4.Training for Users: Provide technical training to a large audience from the user's perspective.

Data Analysis:

1.In-Depth Performance Analysis: Analyse performance trends for sharing insights during company-wide meetings.

2.Predictive Sales Analysis: Utilize predictive analysis techniques to forecast sales.

3.Business Development Support through Data Analysis: Use data analysis to comprehend market trends and inform business development initiatives.

4.Automate Reports with PowerBI: Conceptualize, run, and automate reports using PowerBI to provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

People Management:

1.Mentor and Coach Data & Systems Team: Foster a collaborative environment, ensuring successful project execution, maintaining smooth systems operations, and Business As Usual (BAU), while tracking task progress, priorities, and ensuring successful completion.

2.Team Oversight: Oversee the IT Service Management vendor team, ensuring operational excellence and coordination during major company events.

3.Vendor Collaboration: Collaborate with vendors on maintenance, new products, and explore opportunities for system improvements.

Personal Requirements:

1.Minimum 5 years experience.

2.Technology-related degree.

3.Can be adaptable in a multi-faceted role.

4.Experience working in a small to medium-sized company is ideal.

5.Experience mentoring a teammate.

6.Excellent communication skills.