¥10000000 - ¥15000000 per annum
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Yasuko Ono
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Senior Partnerships Manager
As a successful Senior Partnerships Manager, your key missions are to:
  1. Come up with a long term and short term partnerships (our partners = card acquirers, non-card payment providers) strategy (e.g. new partnerships, how to lower the rate, how to improve a merchant onboarding process) for the company,
  2. Present it and obtain agreement with leaderships internally, 
  3. Facilitate/negotiate discussions with our partner companies in order to achieve the goals that you lay out as strategy, and; 
  4. implement it by closely working with our partner companies as well as internal teams.
You are also required to be a point of contact to facilitate communication between us and its partner companies on a daily basis.  
What You Will Do
  • Find out opportunities and come up with a long term and short term strategy. 
  • Put it together in a doc clearly in English. 
  • Present it internal leaderships to obtain feedback and alignment. 
  • Have discussion/negotiation with our partner companies. (It is expected that you are confident and comfortable to negotiate with people at an executive level)
  • Understand our product, market landscape/players, regulatory requirements (to the extent you can have effective discussion internally/externally), content of agreements and internal operations etc.
  • Execute the plan you come up with successfully and on time. 
  • Be a point of contact as needed to facilitate seamless and effective communication between the company and its partner companies. 
  • Communicate effectively and share updates with internal stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • 8+ years of experience and expertise in partnership management in card payments and non-card payments.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Japanese payment landscape
  • Hands-on experience, ideally with card companies, konbini chains, digital wallet providers, etc. )
  • Familiar with the latest trends in the payments market in Japan and globally.
  • Deep understanding of merchant perspectives. 
  • Experience in delivering new businesses by collaborating with external partners. 
  • High level of logical communication/negotiation skills and the ability to facilitate decision-making among diverse stakeholders both verbally and in writing.
  • Business level proficiency in Japanese and in English both in speaking and writing.