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$1000000 per annum
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Richard Hao
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Job Responsibilities.
1)Lead complex major projects requiring cutting edge, innovative and original solutions, providing technical expertise to the team
2)Plan and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Estimate, track and complete projects on time and within budget
3)Responsible for the development of the company's digital PCR products, and other R&D pipeline products (with a focus on upgrades)
4)Responsible for the transfer of the company's equipment product line from the R&D stage to mass production
5)Ability to solve and improve existing R&D problems with current products, find root causes and propose reasonable and feasible solutions
6)Develop an actionable solution for the entire product development to conversion process
7)Technical communication with US and Chinese R&D teams to implement technical solutions
8)Analyze engineering and project inputs for review, agreement, and formalization into the design package.
9)Analyze design options and technical information to identify issues that arise during the development process and identify and implement appropriate solutions to achieve a viable solution.
10)Analyze and manage multiple design-related issues to identify root causes
11)Modify the design based on the results of the analysis and rerun the testing and analysis until the design meets the specification
12)Make design modifications to existing products and follow up on them
13)Leading process improvement activities
14)Undertake root cause analysis and resolve issues
15)Quality control of work through proper review
16)Apply specific technical skills to support customers or colleagues as needed
17)Plan longer term for projects, track and complete projects on time and within budget. Results orientation
18)Responsible for managing product development projects that have few precedents and are complex in nature
19)Leading the development of innovative solutions to unique problems
20)Identify business improvement opportunities within the organization
21)Work as part of the management team to share ideas and improve operations, recommend, support and implement continuous improvement activities and process and procedure improvements to optimize results and improve the quality of delivery, meeting quality standards required for delivery in line with company and customer requirements.
22)Ensure effective liaison with staff in other departments
23)Provide technical expertise to the team
24)Monitor completion of tasks to ensure good performance and record it in the appropriate system
25)Develop, implement and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) for each area of responsibility.
26)Ensure that key performance indicators are achieved by working in accordance with the corporate plan, including management and reporting
27)Conduct risk assessments of processes and tasks within the department

Team management
1)Provide leadership and guidance to junior and mid-level engineers and technicians
2)Motivate and coach team to achieve business success
3)Communicate the KPIs in the strategic annual plan so that each employee knows
4)Continuously promote high standards through personal example and promotion within the team so that each member of the team understands the standards and behaviours expected of them.
5)Financial budgeting and control of sectoral projects
6)Accountability for departmental budgets
7)Achievement of budgeted targets within the time frame

Relationship management
1)Provide feedback to the management team, share ideas and improve operations, recommend, support and implement continuous improvement activities and process and procedural improvements to optimize results and improve the quality of delivery, delivered in accordance with quality standards requirements, in line with company and customer requirements
2)Liaise and communicate with other departments, customers, suppliers and other service providers
3)Willing and available to visit client sites as needed
5)Support, comply with and ensure consistency with health and safety regulations, company manuals, quality and environmental standards and all other company policies and procedures.
6)Take on personal challenges
7)Confidence and acceptance of high pressure, along with a problem-solving oriented mindset
8)Resilient, confident, optimistic and open to change
9)Engages the interest and involvement of others and has a way of working with others