Rohit Bharwani

Rohit Bharwani

Senior Consultant, Fintech

​Rohit is a passionate executive search specialist in the realm of Fintech, with a keen focus on Payments and Regtech. Renowned as the “Top Biller” in his previous recruitment firm, Rohit has successfully placed senior executives throughout the JAPAC and MENA regions, solidifying his expertise in the field.

Rohit's work ethos is defined by integrity, diligence, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond the confines of consultancy, he finds immense passion in the game of football, drawing inspiration from its nuances. Additionally, Rohit is an avid reader, finding solace and growth through literature.

Rooted in a relentless pursuit of excellence, Rohit continuously strives to redefine success within the ever-evolving landscape of Fintech. His dedication to delivering optimal outcomes for both clients and candidates drives him to push boundaries and set new standards in the industry.