Marcus Soong

Marcus Soong

Consultant, Supply Chain & Procurement

Marcus Soong is a dedicated Consultant specialising in the supply chain and procurement sector. He serves major clients in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), chemical, and healthcare industries, bringing his expertise to help these organisations excel in talent acquisition. With a proven track record, Marcus excels in placing top-tier talent in mid-level to senior roles, including heads of departments, enabling his clients to drive their organisations forward.

Marcus's career journey began as an Associate, where he honed his skills by through supporting other recruiters in sourcing and qualifying candidates. His strong work ethic, passion and commitment was recognised, and he was quickly promoted. Marcus is also currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management and Business Law.

Outside work and studies, Marcus is a a culinary adventurer, always eager to try new cuisines and discover hidden dining gems. When he's not exploring the world of flavours, you can often find him enjoying his favourite video games.