Daphine Choo

Daphine Choo

Associate Director, Japan - Technology

​As an Associate Director, Daphine aims to build our capabilities in technology recruitment, focusing on senior level hires within international companies in Japan.

Prior to joining EBC, Daphine has 6 years of experience in a hyper-competitive space within tech contracting. Daphine was recognized as a high performer 3 years in a row, but amusingly has never gone on any of the incentive trips due to Covid-19. Daphine's strategy lies in attracting overseas candidates to relocate to Japan, allowing her some breathing space in this candidate-short market. As a millennial who grew up with a cell phone in her hand, Daphine lights up when she talks to developers about applications they are working on.

Born and raised in sunny Singapore, Daphine unintentionally started her recruitment journey in Shanghai, China. She moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2017 to challenge herself in a market where changing jobs is still taboo. Daphine's native language is social media, followed by English, some mandarin and conversational Japanese.

Daphine adores animals of all shapes and sizes, and always finds a chance to spoil them. She is a huge advocate for being kind to the Earth, and finds joy in challenging herself to be more eco-friendly. When she is not in the office, you can find her with her hands in the dirt, tending to her balcony vegetable garden.