Meet Tom, people-person, go-getter, entrepreneur

Ethos BeathChapman knows how to spot talent. Tom is smart as a whip, proactively seeks opportunity and has a pedal-to-the-metal attitude. Being skilled is only part of the equation – we love the uplifting energy Tom brings.

I love different cultures and getting to meet people from all over the world.  Recruitment is the bridge that (virtually) links me to the worlds I have not yet experienced. 

His career has been on an accelerated trajectory, and he has excelled in every role he has taken on, which includes senior leadership positions with leading UK firms, building teams across China from the ground up.

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Tom now heads our Life Sciences practice and is responsible for business growth and reach in China and beyond.

 I know what it takes to succeed, even excel in this job.  EBC is uniquely positioned with global and regional connections, and we benefit from a highly active exchange of ideas within our network. Our executive brand redefines high-level and/or confidential search. Our consultants’ and directors’ professionalism and long-standing networks are of an exceptional standard.”

Life Sciences is in the spotlight across many countries. It is also getting a lot of attention from investors, regulators and the upcoming generations looking to start their careers. It is without a doubt, a booming segment globally.  China’s position is climbing as it catches up with global standards, modern research facilities, world-class technologies, and future talent in medicine, pharmacy and research.  

What about EBC stands out to you?

“Great synergy, positive vibes, the sharing of intelligence and knowledge, respectfulness and autonomy are what set us apart. As the first hire in China, I am alone for now, but I don’t really feel left out.

It’s fun because there’s an openness and the culture welcomes ideas, both the serious and the fun, so there is a lot of activity at EBC.”

What are your goals for the Life Sciences practice?

“I would very much love to grow a solid team of more than 15 people in China in the next 24 months.  Looking beyond, 30 to 35 people across the Asia, including another seasoned team in Tokyo, Japan and a veteran team for the SEA region!”

How do you manage to consistently deliver results?

“I have a family with two young kids. Looking after (over)energetic kids can be exhausting. In a way that has made work easier and the setbacks and challenges I encounter at work don’t really frustrate me for too long. When I get time to myself, I invest in reading. I mostly read autobiographies, business and thriller books.

I also really enjoy hitting the gym in the morning. It is a good habit to keep, builds a healthy body and mind, and energises me. I find it ignites my thinking and I come to work with fresh, innovative ideas and solutions. 

Your advice for those building their career in recruitment?

“No one has a perfect start. If you are a fresh graduate and your major is not related to the practice you want to specialise in, don’t be afraid to take the very first, most important step -  submit your CV for the job you want and are passionate about. I truly believe terminology, industry knowledge and recruitment strategies can be trained. A determined heart and mind are critical to being successful in your job!”

Tom Tan leads Ethos BeathChapman’s China office in Shanghai. He is challenged with scaling EBC’s life sciences business, building expert teams and dense networks across Asia.

If you are an executive recruiter who aspires the exceptional, are highly knowledgeable and passionate about recruitment and thrives in a culture that celebrates your excellence, autonomy, individuality and aspirations, email Tom for a chat or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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