Meet Rachael, the highly capable tech recruiter and team lead

With half a decade of recruitment experience under her belt before joining Ethos BeathChapman (EBC), Rachael had been one of the most senior in her past companies. She was pleasantly surprised to find that she was going to join EBC Sydney as one of the more junior members instead, where consultants averaged 12 years of experience.

Rachael Lawler, EBC

She had interviewed with a lot of companies in Australia, so we naturally asked why she chose EBC.

"It was the warm vibes here. It felt like home on my very first day. I joined in Sep 2018 and was warmly welcomed. I knew I was joining an established and reputable company. It was also important to me that I share the same values as the company. "

How is EBC different from other firms? 
"I’m given the full autonomy but also feel supported every step of the way. We’re treated like adults here and people don’t breathe down my neck."

What’s the best thing about working here?
"The environment. I love the guys here. There’s a warm feeling in the office and it’s a joy to come to work. There’s a healthy amount of pressure that keeps you wanting to do well for the team."

What has working at EBC done for you?
"The company respects that and trusts you to work from home or be away for an emergency. You don’t need to be in the office 24/7 and no one will be on your back. I'm also given the opportunity to live and work in one of the best cities in the world. There’s a work-life balance here that’s hard to find in recruitment."

What kind of person would thrive here?
"Self-driven individuals who want to succeed and do well for themselves. You’re not pushed to succeed or micromanaged because everyone gets on with our own work."

What advice would you give to new joiners?
"Be prepared to work at your own accord, and expect to push yourself. You’ll have full autonomy. You will not be micromanaged. EBC recognises that everyone has their own process and gives you full rein to progress your way. Take initiative to make decisions. You may make bad decisions along the way but you find support to learn from your mistakes."

Describe the EBC culture in your own words
"Dynamic, fun and professional.  EBC is made up of different nationalities, cultures and background. We’re not just a bunch of Australians or Irish. We have diverse levels of experience. I’ve been in the industry for six years and my colleague who sits next to me has over 20 years’ experience. We’re able to leverage each other’s individualities.

It’s a team environment and we succeed together as a company. That’s what makes it fun. There’s a healthy competition to be as good as one another. Everyone here is suited and booted, interacts at executive level, and are respected by our clients and candidates. Our consultants possess a certain level of experience and know our verticals well, as we don’t usually hire non-experienced consultants."

​Rachael Lawler leads Ethos BeathChapman's Infrastructure, Data and Security Technology practice in Australia. Her recruitment experience spans London, Dublin and Sydney where she works with a huge range of clients from leading multi nationals to start-ups on their technology recruitment needs.

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