Meet Matt, our executive director in Australia

Ethos BeathChapman (EBC) is full of Matthews. Four, to be exact.

Today, we speak with Matthew Bown, otherwise known as Bowny. In the 11 years he's been at EBC, he had journeyed from being single and moving to Australia, to getting married, buying a house and having children. Simply put, EBC has been a massive part of Bowny's life. 

Matt Bown, EBC

He's also risen the ranks as executive director in Sydney, yet remains down to earth, happy to share his story and advice to new consultants.

Asked why he joined the company, Bowny shares,

"I wanted a long-term future in Australia, to cultivate genuine relationships, and act in the best interest of the customer. I’m not interested in short term wins. I believe in being honest, upfront and doing the right thing. These are the same values the company upholds."

He adds, "I knew some people here and had the confidence EBC would develop me and give me the platform to succeed as a leader. Also, EBC is a corporate and professional environment but not too stuffy. It’s relaxed, and not too stuffy."

What’s the best thing about working here?
"The people. I trust the people here. Everyone’s on the same page. People don’t try to progress themselves at the detriment of others. I genuinely enjoy working with the people here. There’s a good mix of young and very experienced, we’re proudly passionate for the right reasons, and everyone is driven."

What has working at EBC done for you? 
"As a professional, I’ve been given plenty of opportunity and confidence to progress as a leader. I’ve been able to try different things, branch outside the box, from leading a practice to leading multiple practices. There’s scope for me to make and learn from my mistakes without being judged too harshly. I’ve also gained emotional intelligence working with different people. Because one size does not fit all requirements and motivations."

What do you look for when hiring potential consultants?
"People who are low on ego, high on collaboration. People who don’t take themselves too seriously, who can relax and focus on getting the job done. Self-motivated individuals who take pride in their work. Hungry, driven, team focused and collaborative consultants."

What do you want EBC to do for your staff?
"The company invests in our people. Gives us the platform, time, scope, resources and opportunity to succeed. There’s flexibility in the work environment for everyone to be successful. We develop our people as individuals, and we don’t treat consultants the same way. Development is bespoke to the individual. It depends on your career and experience."

What advice would you give to new joiners?
"We’re not here to throw you out after three months. Build a sustainable long-term reputation for yourself and the company. Take time to get to know everyone at EBC, enjoy the environment, raise your hand if you have questions, and keep the attributes that made you successful."

How is EBC different from other firms? 
"EBC’s culture of autonomy is completely opposite to the huge corporates I came from. Here, I’m able to build my desk the way I want to, with a long-term view that doesn’t cut corners for immediate results."

How would you describe the EBC culture?
"Inclusive, diverse and fun. There isn’t a lot of hierarchy. Everyone feels like a part of the company, knows each other, is included and there are no cliques regardless of your seniority. We’re individuals with different characteristics but held together by similar attributes that make us successful. We're fun because we don’t take things too seriously!"

Matthew Bown oversees the continued growth and development of EBC Australia's Technology and Finance practices. He spent most of his executive recruitment career within Sydney's project, transformation and change space, particularly across Australia's financial services industry. Ask him about his favourite football club and you'll find Matt equally knowledgeable about sports and football (soccer).

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