Meet Audrey, the entrepreneurial market leader

Audrey left her stable cushy job at a global search firm for the satisfying opportunity to join EBC, a start up in Singapore back in 2012. The office started with fewer than 10 consultants. Everyone pulled in their weight, dug the trenches and saw the results. The start-up phase was tough but also very rewarding for Audrey. It's been seven years since she joined, the Singapore office has grown more than six-fold, and she's not turned back since. 

Audrey Seah, EBC

She shares humourously about the moment she knew she made the right decision to work here,

"(Laughing) When I received my IR8A (employee earnings tax form) during my first year of employment with EBC. I billed almost a million that year."

What advice would you give to consultants who ask for your secret to success? 

"My motto has always been 'Success = 99% of hard work + 1% of luck'
I also tell young consultants that experience counts, and every (job brief, candidate and client situation) is different, and should be approached differently."

Why is EBC a good place for high performing, seasoned consultants?  
"We have a high ratio of researcher to consultants, allowing consultants to focus on the work that they are good at, while our researchers support us with the research fundamental to building a successful search business. You will also be working with a great bunch of people who believe in injecting fun at the workplace while working hard."

What’s kept you here?  
"The opportunity to work with our founding leaders, Matt Beath and Matthew Chapman.  The founding leaders inspire and empower people from all backgrounds to help us achieve our full potential.  The company is also generous and offers one of the best commission schemes in the industry."

How is EBC different from other search firms you’ve worked for?  
"Agility and autonomy to respond swiftly and tailor creative solutions for our clients. We have a good support team to provide clients and candidates with the best customer service."

How would you describe the culture at EBC?  
"Work hard and play hard. Multi-cultural." 

What kind of person would thrive at EBC? 
"Self-motivated, ambitious, passionate about the executive search business."


Audrey Seah is a senior director based in Ethos BeathChapman Singapore, whose primary focus is on senior executive appointments within the technology vendor community across Asia. Connect with Audrey.

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