LinkedIn Profile Tips

​5 Tips to Build an Attractive LinkedIn Profile for Jobseekers 

By: Ankit Kochar, Technology

1. Professional Profile Photo

What does a professional photo look like? Having a professional photo is putting a face to your name in the world of hiring managers.

If you are a chef, a photo with one of your best dishes would look professional. If you are a professional football player, a photo of you in your jersey would be appropriate. If you perform an office job it would be best to display a simple “headshot” with a polo or a plain coloured shirt.

What NOT to use:

a. Selfies

b. Group photographs

c. Cropped group photos

2. Concise Summary

This is where the magic happens. We tend to write about our professional job/role titles in our summary, but studies have shown that using this space to define yourself or your situation helps to get better traction from viewers (recruiters or hiring managers).

Here are some good examples:-

a. Award-winning Technology Sales professional, looking for the next move

b. Recent ___ graduate with a focus in ___, ___ and ___

c. B2B Inside Sales Rep with $2.4MM generated in 2018

The key is to build an idea of who you are, your interests and achievements, NOT solely your job title.

3. Personalised URL

When you first create your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn will assign a line of numbers to your URL that are not easy to remember. Changing it to your name or something memorable will provide you with a link that is easy to share, and recognisable to other professionals who may be searching for you.

Using a personalised URL is also beneficial for SEO and keyword searches on the web. Your LinkedIn page acts like your personal professional webpage. Creating a personalised URL can result in your profile showing up in web searches on all search engines. For example, may result in your profile showing up when a user searches for tech recruitment.

4. Relevant information

Keep your profile up to date and ensure you add / edit details whenever required. Treat LinkedIn as a platform to connect and build a relationship with your professional network. A quick daily scan and commenting on posts of interest can go a long way. Try to form a habit of using the platform, not necessarily only when you are job hunting. In these times where everything is virtual, it is a gift to be able to connect with people at LinkedIn and share your experiences, while learning from them.

5. Customised Content

Display your knowledge to a wider platform and audience. You know your stuff, why not share it? The worst that could happen is that someone will correct you, but the positives are amazing, and the reach you gain may be incredible.

A case that I saw personally:

A person was hired based on a strongly opinionated article they posted on LinkedIn. The post helped him connect with a technologist who was facing the same issue. They interacted, brainstormed and developed solutions together. As a result, the manager involved put up a contract for our protagonist in this story to help him lead an implementation of the same. Of course, this is a one-off case, but things happen when you share your experience and knowledge.

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