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2020 Healthcare hiring trends in Asia 

Ethos BeathChapman's observations of hiring trends across key job functions within Asia's healthcare sector

By: Vivian Tay, Consumer & Healthcare 

2020 has been a year full of change for many. The Covid-19 pandemic has been a significant stressor, even for employees whose health, families or jobs have not been directly impacted. As one navigates the crisis first-hand, we also start to learn of individuals tendering their resignations and taking career breaks to deal with their built-up tension and anxiety. In response, companies are prioritising mental wellness in the workplace. Concurrent to advocating physical well-being, HRs are stepping up on efforts to focus on strengthening resilience, adaptability and total wellness across the workforce.

Within the healthcare industry, we are witnessing the return of senior executives from overseas postings, now in search of local opportunities closer to loved ones at home. In view of the low turnover among healthcare marketing and communications professionals, hiring has remained stable within these functions. As nursing professionals press on with their core duties, the move from shift work has been a motivation for many to remain open to new opportunities. In the meantime, hiring for nurses and healthcare frontliners continues to surge. 

Expansion plans of private healthcare providers have been put on hold as medical tourism continues to suffer due to travel restrictions. As a result, private healthcare providers will start to see talent crossing over to restructured hospitals, with the latter perceived to offer greater stability and job security.

The above trends point to an extensive network of medical and nursing professionals who are looking for opportunities to contribute and support our local healthcare community.

Paired with the government’s strong focus on supporting the healthcare and medical tourism sectors, a steady future recovery is expected – no longer a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’. 

What now and what’s next for healthcare HR and talent acquisition leads? Between addressing immediate workforce needs and concerns, tenacious heads of HR and talent acquisition are keeping an eye on positioning the workforce to meet organisational demand when the market bounces back. 

To help healthcare organisations stay on top of hiring trends across the Asia Pacific region, this report consolidates observations from a few of Ethos BeathChapman’s executive recruitment practice areas, covering job functions within Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain & Procurement, Legal and Technology. 

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