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Preetika Bhatia
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Reporting to C-suite
1.       Leads Corporate Systems and Service, and provides strategic directions, solutions and policies to support business goals of the organization.
1.1.      Develops the strategy and services to meet business requirements including training and upgrading of systems and/or technology knowledge and skills of all staff to improve productivity through corporate systems.
1.2.      Directs and promotes governance policies and standards in relation to security, quality, risk and project management.
1.3.      Leads important innovation initiatives and has ultimate accountability for the function.
1.4.      Drives strategic alignment of systems and processes across functional teams and departments in the corporate functions
1.5.      Provides advisory and recommendations to the heads of organisations or business units.
1.6.      Possesses the ability to leverage on new and innovative technology to develop strategic directions for the IT functions alignment with the organisation objectives.
2.       Leads the Test Management Office and provides technical leadership, strategic directions, plans and priorities, and policies on quality assurance activities:
2.1.      Oversees and plans quality assurance activities to meet or exceed specified standards and end-user requirements
2.2.      Responsible for end-to-end test environment and testing services including test automation.
2.3.      Provides technical guidance to stakeholders and advocates quality assurance best practices.
2.4.      Ensures adequate testing and inspections before implementation.
The incumbent is able to propose solutions and influence key stakeholders to drive commitment for initiatives across the organisation.  He/She is a senior leader with the energy and commitment to drive large teams toward achieving service level excellence.  He/She is effective in setting direction aligned to the strategic positioning of the corporate support functions and Group IT overall.  He/She is able to impress upon the team the need to continuously improve service levels and increase efficiencies.
1.Establish strategy for Corporate Systems & Services, aligned to Group IT’s vision and strategy
  • Establish the Corporate Systems & Services IT vision and strategy
  • Define the Corporate Systems & Services IT roadmap for Group’s corporate support functions
  • Build a Corporate Systems & Services IT landscape responsive to business changes
  • Secure investments for Corporate Systems & Services initiatives to enable business operations
  • Communicate the organization's Corporate Systems & Services information strategy to partners, management, investors and employees
  • ·Advise the corporate support functions’ senior leaders on technology trends to influence the formulation of business strategy

2.Develop IT policies and standards for Corporate Systems & Services
  • Establish Corporate Systems & Services IT policies and governance framework
  • Set direction for the development and maintenance of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), policies and standards
  • Establish objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the Corporate Systems & Services domain

3.Facilitate continuous improvement through technology
  • Endorse opportunities for automation and/or streamlining of IT processes, which includes but not limited to assessment of emerging automation capabilities (e.g. AI, Cognitive, OCR, Machine Learning) and conduct of Proofs of Concepts 
  • Develop high-level strategy and guidelines for roll out of IT process changes and/or improvements, which includes but not limited to establishment and maintenance of the Policy of Use for RPA; governance of RPA Development Standards
  • Delivery, maintenance and support of RPA platform, SAP, and other packages/technologies  
  • Foster an environment conducive to innovation and technological change
  • Foster IT awareness and savviness within the organization

4. Manage Corporate Systems & Services development and operation risk
  • Establish risk assessment and management frameworks, which includes but is not limited to audit planning, calendar and control process for the corporate system group
  • Review results from risk assessments for mitigation
  • Guide risk management strategies, disaster recovery and business continuity efforts
  • Advise policy reviews in line with evolving internal and external environments

5. Manage Corporate Systems & Services’ stakeholders
  • Build strategic relationships and alliances with stakeholders to achieve common goals, which includes but is not limited to the following:
  1. o   Manage vendors to provide system support and operations services, develop the processes and service levels for application support and maintenance services
  2. o   Drive the HR transformation projects to support HR’s transformation efforts in organizational change, capability building, policies and processes
  3. o   Drive financial system consolidation and upgrade to reduce duplication, optimise costs and maximise our investments in SAP
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders expectations
  • Inspire stakeholders to pursue the Group IT's and Corporate Systems & Services’ technology vision
  • Lead engagement with stakeholders on overcoming barriers to change
  • Drive the Corporate Systems & Services’ technology alignment with business needs
  • Guide the dissemination of IT information throughout the Corporate Systems & Services organization

6. Build and operate testing process and environment in the organization for end-to-end system integration testing, user acceptance testing and performance testing
  • Develop internal process and procedural development activities, continuous improvement actions, process mapping and streamlining
  • Develop testing strategies and regulations
  • Review recommendations from stakeholders regarding testing issues
  • Provide summary of findings and recommendations for acquisition of new technology to carry out testing

7. Oversee quality of testing activities within the organization for end-to-end system integration testing, user acceptance testing and performance testing to meet or exceed specified standards and end-user requirements
  • Manage all the testing services provided to business stakeholders and Group IT stakeholders for major enhancements and upgrades to existing IT systems
  • Ensure adequate testing and inspections before implementation
  • Review documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Enforce adherence to testing goals and principle
  • Ensure quality delivery of testing projects within budget and schedule

8. Optimise testing processes        
  • Drive continuous improvement in testing process
  • Develop sustainable testing processes
  • Endorse improvements to optimise testing processes
  • Secure buy-in for new investments in testing process
  • Develop testing metrics

9. Facilitate process change management in Corporate Systems & Services and Test Management Office
  • Challenge existing organizational practices and conventions 
  • Instil a discipline of process change and change management across the teams 
  • Support business innovation and transformation
  • Motivate and lead staff in deployment of new technologies.

10. Develop talent to facilitate organization growth.  Transform the Group’s IT team to be strong technology advocates and change agents so that our corporate support functions are lead users of the most appropriate technologies for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop plans to acquire skills and necessary resources for the continuous development of Corporate Systems & Services and Test Management Office
  • Develop plans to build the capabilities of the team
  • Review outcomes from talent development initiatives
  • Set the direction for succession planning for key leadership roles
  • Mentor a team of senior IT leaders

11. Manage domain
  • Oversee domain management including budgets, forecasting, work allocations and staffing
  • Develop staff through ongoing coaching, mentoring and career discussions
  • Define and communicate common goals, direction and accountability among staff
  • Drive effective performance management practices within the domain in accordance with organization policies and procedures
  • Manage diverse stakeholders’ IT / business expectations of the corporate support functions.
  • Influence different groups of stakeholders to understand the urgency and need to renew/refresh architecture, embrace new and innovative technology in order to strengthen controls and improve operating efficiency.
  • Remediate and maintain a healthy test environment, given rapid evolution of new and innovative technologies
  • To attract, develop and retain highly skilled, quality IT and Technology staff and leaders especially in highly sought after areas of software development, architect, SAP, testing, automation
  • Managing culturally diverse regional teams (Corporate Systems & Services and Testing Management Office) across different geographical locations
Education and Qualifications
Good Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering
1.       MBA or other post graduate degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or other relevant field of study

Work Experience

1.       Minimum 12 years of hands-on experience in SAP ERP core functionalities, in particular the financial and logistics modules.
2.       Experience in large size SAP project management involving Financials, Logistics, Sales and HR/Payroll
3.       Experience managing regional projects
2.       Good understanding of IT systems and applications, and business process re-engineering
Technical / Professional Skills
Please provide at least 3
1.       In-depth knowledge of enterprise business functions with a good appreciation of SAP business Suite functionalities
2.       Mastery of Software-As-Service solution implementation and management
3.       Knowledge across all architecture domains with mastery of at least one domain
4.       Expert Knowledge in
·     Business Risk Management
·     Cyber Risk Management
·     Disaster Recovery Management
·     Enterprise Architecture
·     IT Governance
·     IT Standards
·     IT Strategy
·     Partnership Management
·     Performance Management
·     Quality Standards
·     Stakeholder Management
1.       Analytics and Computational Modelling
2.       Sustainability Management
3.       IT Audit and Compliance
Non-Technical / Soft Skills
1.       Ability to clearly and effectively communicate at all levels in a range of methods (written, verbal, formal presentation)
2.       Superior negotiation and dispute resolution skills
3.       Proven stakeholder management skills
4.       Strong leadership and management skills - Able to lead, guide and motivate a team to meet corporate goals and objectives
5.       Strong vendor management skills
6.       Strong organizational and problem solving skills with a strong attention to detail
7.       Maturity to deal comfortably with ambiguity
8.       Demonstrated ability to handle multiple high-priority projects
9.       Pro-active in thought and actions
10.   Self-driven and highly motivated
11.   Perseverance

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