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Stella Tan Labarrere
5 months ago
  • Senior Leadership Opportunity
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Our client is an MNC active in high-risk medical device product manufacturer in the region.
The incumbent is Lead a team of electronic hardware R&D engineers, engaged in the company's core technology research and machine product development. Propose a systematic design plan, complete the research, development, design, testing and other tasks of the electronic hardware part of the product, and meet the market and regulations of products such as function, reliability, safety, environmental adaptability Claim.
Follow the design control of high-risk medical device product development (Design Control), complete all tasks required for product development quality control, including design input investigation and definition, risk management (Hazard Analysis, FMEA, etc.), verification and confirmation Testing, etc., to form a complete, accurate and detailed design and development document. Engage in project management according to the company's strategic goals and product development plans to ensure that each project goal is achieved on schedule.
To be successful in this role, the incumbent needs to possess a Degree in Electronics, Automations, Computer Engineering or any other relevant discipline with at least 10 years relevant experience in the Electronics manufacturing environment. Have comprehensive working experience in research, development, design, testing, and manufacturing of high-reliability electronic products, especially in the product development stage (from the completion of research to the completion of manufacturing process development), including reliable design, Component selection, multilayer circuit board wiring, circuit board manufacturing and assembly, testing and quality control. Hands on experience on control system for electromagnetic devices such as magnetic levitation or permanent magnet motor focusing on weak signal (sensor signal) amplification processing, automatic adjustment (analog control), PWM power amplification, internal and external electromagnetic interference Suppression. Familiar with high-quality power circuits is preferred. Proficient in the reliability design of electronic products, such as derating design, redundancy design, EMC/EMI design

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