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Gilbert Khor
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4 months ago
  • Laboratory Management
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Team Management
The position will require you to be responsible for the general operation and effectiveness of the Clinical Laboratory Services which encompasses the molecular testing services


  • To plan and implement a professional staff structure to support the department's/service's responsibilities and authority.
  • To identify, in writing, the services to be provided by the department and integrate or coordinate those services, where relevant, with the services of other departments.
  • Ensure that all laboratory tests carried out in the laboratory are in accordance with MOH and CAP guidelines.
  • Supervise and manage all grades of Medical Technologists under his/her charge.
  • Plan, implement procedures and policies to improve the general efficiency of the laboratory services.
  • Prepare budget, approve payment, leave, asset verification and disposal, compile statistics, monthly progress reports to the management.
  • Take charge of and follow through lab related issues 
  • Review QC reports (both internal and external) programme
  • Help to co-ordinate in-house training programme for laboratory
  • Oversee the operation of the molecular laboratories, and the provision of laboratory services to community partners and external clients.
  • Responsible for recruitment of laboratory staff, promotion and annual appraisal of staff.
  • License holder for the hospital NEA Hazardous Substance Permit and Petroleum and Flammable materials storage.
  • Contact person for external bodies like College of American Pathologists, Royal College of Pathologists Australasian, Blood Services Group and other external laboratories.
Other Responsibilities:
  • Be proactive in Quality Improvement Programs
  • Perform other duties as assigned by CEO
  • Help to co-ordinate and participate in emergency exercise, fire-safety response and other civic exercises.
  • Assist in the preparation of the laboratory for certification by the appropriate authorities like MOH, JCIA, OHSAS, ISO, CAP, BCP, sac, BSC, HPB etc


  • A University Science Degree / Post Graduate Degree in relevant subjects with relevant experience or higher qualification is preferred.
  • Preferably with 3-10 years’ experience of running a laboratory.
  • Leadership qualities, good interpersonal management, computer literacy and writing skills.