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Jeremiah Manivannan
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10 months ago
Application Support Engineer
  • 12 month direct contract with a view of going permanent
  • Start-up environment focused on next-gen payments and fin-tech

The role entails cooperation with developers, diagnostics and bug fixing. This position is based in Singapore and Hong Kong could be a consideration

  • Monitor Tier 3 queues and respond to support requests as they occur
  • Identify area of fault (code, environment, or configuration) and work with the appropriate team(s) implementing the fix
  • Document actions to effectively communicate information internally and to customers
  • Develop, test, and execute SQL queries to aid in the investigation and analysis of issues
  • Work on complex assignments that will include drawing in of specialized expertise whenever necessary, otherwise capable of handling routine work or general instructions on new assignments
  • Implement technical solutions aligned with technology vision as laid out by the solution architects
  • Contribute to a positive atmosphere of teamwork through collaborative behavior and open communications

5 years of Java programming
  • must understand basic data structures: map, List
  • basic understand of algorithms: sort, hash, search
  • basic thread programming concepts such as synchronized blocks, locks
  • basic async programming, e.g. using CompletableFuture
  • java reflection and proxy
  • able to read log files produced by Log4J
  • understand Java GC
  • understand public-private vs. symmetric encryptions
  • years of Hibernate
  • able to read hibernate configuration and mapping files
  • JPA queries
5 years of database and SQL
  • basic select statements
  • sub select statements
  • many-to-many relationship
  • execute explain plans and interpret results
  • Understanding of basic TCP/IP network
  • high level understanding of connection handshakes
  • high level understanding of routing
  • knows how to use netstat, curl, telnet, sftp
  • high level understanding of firewall
3 years of RESTful
  • understanding of JaxRS annotations.

Reg No. R1653400

BeathChapman Pte Ltd

Licence no. 16S8112