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Shimpieta Matsumoto
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81 3 4550 0738
about 1 year ago
This job is to create embedded software for the next-generation of spacecraft and planetary rovers for the organization It is required to have the demonstrated experience in creating real-time software for aerospace equipment, automotive control, robotics, and similar high-reliability products. The job includes all phases of design, from defining system architecture, design, implementation and testing. Prior experience with high reliability product designs and implementation is a must. The ideal candidate has experiences in system-level development of real-time operating system and understanding of radiation effects on electronics. A desire to iterate designs quickly and interest in performing hands-on prototyping is highly required. Candidates working closely with FPGA or electronics engineering will be given preference.

  • Participate in product definition, requirements, specification, design, implementation and testing phases.
  • Collaboration on architecture design and communication protocols with other engineers.
  • Development of control algorithms for rover components such mobility, transponder, environmental sensors and so on.
  • Support integration, troubleshooting and testing of electronics.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 5+ years of experience designing and coding embedded firmware for high-reliability applications
  • Experience with bus, communication, and networking protocols (RS-422, CAN, PCI, Ethernet, SpaceWire and etc.)
  • Comfortable with debuggers and sometimes oscilloscopes
  • Proficient in high-level structured programming languages (e.g. C, modern C++)
  • Development of device drivers based on a data sheet and its performance turning based on results of simulation and profiling.
  • Setting up and maintenance of PM and CI tools.
  • Development for supporting computer vision or similar systems
  • Tailoring of an existing coding standard (e.g., MISRA-C, CERT-C, and so on) for a specific project.
  • Design of the architecture across a range of embedded platforms from highly resource-constrained systems (e.g., battery-powered IoT nodes) to large scale Linux-based platforms.
  • Development of firmware for RF communication systems (e.g., Wi-Fi, 802.15.4g, LoRa, and UWB)
  • Salary - Depends on skills and experience
  • Work Hours -Discretionary Work system or Flextime will be applicable
  • Paid Leave - in compliance with Japan Labor law
  • Other Holidays - Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holiday, Summer : 5 days, Winter : 5 days, and Thanks Holiday(for any occasion) :2 days
  • Probationary Period - 6 months
  • Performance Review - Basically twice a year
  • Work from Home - Applicable after probationary period
  • Japanese Social Security - all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers' Comp and Unemployment Insurance)
  • Retirement Age: 75 years old
  • Language Lesson(English, Japanese) : Under certain conditions