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Shimpieta Matsumoto
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81 3 4550 0738
about 1 year ago
The ideal candidate will have a broad knowledge base in Mission Control Systems, Operational Simulators and overall Satellite Ground Segment. The candidate is also required to have good understanding of Satellite operations.

The effort includes all phases of design, from the definition of requirements, to the deployment of the system for the operational use and maintenance.

Key Responsibilities 
  • Software requirement definition, design and development for a Mission Control System and an Operational Simulator
  • Participation in project reviews (e.g. SRR, PDR, CDR)
  • Interfacing with all the other ground segment elements, operation team and spacecraft development team
  • Participation in verification readiness reviews and verification testing campaigns at unit and system level.
  • Support the integration activities of the ispace Ground segment
  • Support activities in the area of satellite database infrastructure configuration used by Mission Control applications
  • Support Operation Preparation activity (procedure development and testing)
Basic Qualifications 
  • Master's degree in Software Engineering or equivalent
  • Five or more years’ experience in Mission Control Systems and Operational Simulators
  • Experience in procurement process.
  • Experience in requirement engineering and design review
  • Knowledge of Satellite and Ground Operations,
  • Experience in satellite ground segment verification and validation activity
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
Preferred Experience
  • Knowledge of space communication standards, in particular CCSDS, and Space Link Extension (SLE)
  • Experience with supporting operations activities including LEOP, Commissioning, Routine for interplanetary missions
  • Experience with ground stations and Mission Control System command and control networks
  • Need relocate/reside in Japan