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Jasmin Ackermann
12 months ago
  • Global Online Platform
  • Domain Management
  • Worldwide operations
On behalf of our client, BeathChapman is assisting in identifying a candidate to join a global online platform within the financial marketplace.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Finding, testing, implementing a SSO/security policy solution
  • testing/demoing
  • coordinating review/decision making
  • coordinating implementation
  • management/oversight of utilization ((see BAU task below)
  • Migrating ultimate ownership of G Suite
  • Creating and maintaining operational risk checklist/protocol for vendors who will handle PII
  • Data mapping - identify sources of data collection and storage across all markets
  • Identifying and investigating the use of third-party tools
  • Support in infosec assessments
  • Support in PCI compliance - providing responses to questions in self assessment questionnaire
  • Support in cyber insurance acquisition
  • E.g. answering questions about number of personal data records held by the business; security patches, firewalls, disaster recovery plans, data back ups, network segmentation, incident management, access control etc.
  • Device policy management
  • investigate whether Google Device Policy can work (Android and iOS)
  • implement and manage device policy
  • consider Mac/Windows device policy implementation/management
  • ISO 27001 compliance
  • Managing bug bounty programme
Required Experience
  • Managing and monitoring security settings and access across all tools/app’s, e.g. G Suite, Slack (possibly through One-Login, Bettercloud or Google Cloud Identity)
  • Acting as super admin across tools which handle PII (e.g. SendGrid, PipeDrive, Contentstack, G Suite, Slack etc.)
  • Auditing access to G Drive and other shared documents which contain PII across all 7 markets
  • Ongoing maintenance and implementation of operational risk checklist/protocol for third party vendors, in particular for those who will handle PII
  • Ongoing maintenance and implementation of security sweeping tools
  • Supporting Legal on information requests from third parties, e.g. banks and partners who request / query info sec practices
  • Domain name management (monitoring current domains, purchasing  new domains, managing security certificates)
  • Updating domain name settings (e.g. required for protection of email domains / ensuring effectiveness of email marketing tools)
  • Ongoing implementation and management of device policy
  • Responding to third party security risk assessments and liaising with relevant stakeholders
  • Maintaining ISO 27001 compliance
  • Finding, testing and implementing security sweeping tools
  • Research and find appropriate tools
  • Select and implement
  • Report findings
  • Coordinate implementation of any fixes required
  • Auditing access to Google Drive documentation

Reg No. R1874652

BeathChapman Pte Ltd

Licence no. 16S8112