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Julie Cooper
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2 months ago
Our client is a financial services organisation with a focus to transform the way they deliver digital excellence and innovation. We have an immediate opportunity for an Agile/ Scrum professional with a strong delivery background, seasoned facilitation skills, and experience in helping teams adopt to an Agile environment (both process and technical practices).

Please note that his position may include 20% BA activity.
Agile Accountabilities include:
  • Daily Scrum Stand-ups: schedule daily scrum meetings with and ensure stand-up behaviours are observed.
  • Agile implementation: lead teams in adopting Agile / Scrum practices via training and coaching.
  • Manage team resources / capacity: develop and maintain a resource plan with each team, ensuring teams can clearly visualise resource dependencies [on other teams] across the quarterly release plan and within each sprint.  Support teams to resolve capacity and resource issues in collaboration with Portfolio Director.
  • Communication and Collaboration: facilitate team retrospectives and guide teams through process of agreeing actions to resolve issues rose.
  • Leadership Support: Work with leadership team to maintain ongoing support for empowered, self-organising teams with active leadership engagement to set teams up for success.
  • Work with other Scrum Master, Coaches to ensure that our ways of working are consistent across teams
  • Depending on extent of scrum experience required:
  • Scrum of Scrums facilitation: schedule weekly Scrum of Scrum meeting to review team progress against targets and highlight key issues requiring escalation
  • Quarterly Planning/Program Increment Planning: work with the squad’s Service Owner and the team to agree it’s quarter goals and objectives.  Facilitate workshops/big room planning to achieve desired planning outcomes for the next quarter.

Skills and experience required:
  • Experience applying a variety of patterns and techniques for filling in the intentional gaps left in the Scrum approach (example: Retrospective formats, Backlog Prioritisation, collaboration, team building techniques etc.)
  • Experience delivering under SAFe methodologies
  • Understand fundamentals of software development processes and procedures.
  • Understand the value of commitments to delivery made by a development team.
  • Understand incremental delivery and the benefit of metrics.
  • Understand backlog tracking and grooming, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition.
  • Familiarity with common Agile practices and better development practices
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Please update your CV with relevant experience as mentioned in the description.