Yeh Jian Wen

Yeh Jian Wen

Senior Specialist, CONNECT

A senior specialist within Ethos BeathChapman’s talent sourcing and managed solutions company, CONNECT, Jian Wen focuses on general recruitment and providing customised HR solutions for clients across industries. 

In her last role before CONNECT, Jian Wen was a specialist recruiter for the chemicals and technology sectors. Most people are surprised to hear that she was previously an entomologist with a leading pest management company in Singapore before she made a career switch into recruitment. This was clearly the right move for Jian Wen, who learnt the ropes of recruitment quickly. Her passion connecting with people has won her compliments from several clients throughout her recruitment career.

Jian Wen graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Biology (Management of Vector and Parasite). Outside of work, she enjoys travelling.