Analeigh Lin

Analeigh Lin

Regional Finance and Operations Controller

Meet Ana, ​the accomplished Regional Finance and Operations Controller of EBC, Asia. Throughout her career, Ana has demonstrated remarkable proficiency in budgeting, management, payroll, and financial accounting, earning her an impressive track record in the corporate world. Having devoted eight years in many Fortune 500 companies, she has gained invaluable experience and honed her skills in navigating the complexities of finance and accounting within a corporate landscape in various industries.

Ana's dedication to her profession extends beyond her work experience; she is also a Singapore Chartered Accountant, holds ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) accountancy qualifications. These esteemed credentials not only validate her expertise but also signify her unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of accounting. As a Regional Finance & Operations Controller, Ana brings a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to her role, consistently delivering exceptional financial solutions and insights to her clients and employers by staying abreast of the latest industry practices and advancements.

Outside of her career, Ana finds immense joy in being a loving mother to her two boys. She treasures every moment she can spare to spend quality time with her family, skillfully balancing her professional and personal life with finesse.