Meet Stella, the multilingual, multi-hyphenate headhunter

People are drawn naturally to Stella’s sunny and gregarious disposition. Her global experience, twins and love for sports make for good conversation. This leading lady has lived in eight different cities, and speaks French and English as fluently as she does Cantonese and Mandarin. Stella’s also had a varied career as a marketer as well before becoming the specialist headhunter we know her to be. 

Stella Tan-Labarrere, EBC

The secret to her versatility? 

Motherhood,” she exclaimed with gusto. “I developed an ‘anything goes’ outlook after the kids came along.

Indeed, this multi-hyphenate turns her hand to everything successfully: being a mother to twin boys, picking up new sports and recruiting complex roles across hybrid job functions.

Besides being in a flexible environment, the opportunity to broaden her recruitment domain was another reason Stella joined EBC in 2018. Having been in recruitment for over ten years, she knows of large companies where teams can get territorial. 

EBC is optimal in size for consultants to retain breadth of coverage,” she elaborated. “It’s also easy to mingle with your fellow colleagues. We’re collaborative and everyone talks to everyone here.

She also shared that EBC’s strong leadership had been instrumental in setting a positive, open and dynamic culture attractive to high performing consultants. 

EBC’s leaders lead by example, Stella said. They are strong networkers, and hands-on with clients. You can hear them talking to clients on the phone in the office. You just need to listen and learn.

Tell us about your funniest day at EBC.
(Laughs) One funny moment was when we received a client brief requesting for candidates to look like Korean superstars. Other lighter moments at work, some of us parents talk and laugh openly about parenthood. It’s an inclusive environment and there are a few parents here. We’re not embarrassed to share ridiculous moments. These colleagues have a great sense of humour! 

What kind of person would thrive here?
High performers, team players and disciplined people. We have training in place for young consultants, but being a company of mature and experienced consultants, mid-level and senior consultants will probably thrive best.

Stella is an associate director with Ethos BeathChapman Singapore's Industrial practice, specialising in executive recruitment of mid to senior level engineering, technical and commercial professionals within Asia Pacific's energy, manufacturing, packaging, construction, marine, aviation and automotive sectors.

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