Meet Shimpeita, who works hard and plays even harder

Tokyo-based Shimpeita went through a very difficult family situation some years ago, and to date, remembers how his teammates at EBC supported him through that rough patch. He recounted how his colleagues, Duncan and Audrey, after learning about it, invited him to work out of their Singapore headquarters for no apparent reason other than to show concern. 

It's no surprise that despite their distance and different native languages, Shimpei has fond feelings towards his colleagues in Singapore and Matt Beath, co-founder of EBC.

Shimpeita Matsumoto, EBC

Every time I’m in the Singapore office, I have a lot of fun catching up with the team after work. These guys know how to have a good time.(Laughing, he explains) "In Japan, we tend to be more conservative!

Besides the close relationships he’s formed, he attributed the company culture as another key factor that's kept him at EBC since 2015. Shimpei’s done exceedingly well, but doesn’t take that for granted.

He’s had his share of ups and downs, he revealed, 

EBC was patient with me when I went through a hard time. I would not have lasted long in another firm but they trust their people, treat us as adults, and do not micromanage.

His advice to newcomers at EBC: 
Find the best headhunter in the company and imitate them. That’s the quickest way to succeed. And also, never give up.

What kind of people thrive here?
People who are positive and capable of understanding (and interacting with) different cultures.

Would you recommend EBC to your friends? What reason would you give them for joining? 
EBC tends not to hire junior consultants because of their high standards of recruitment and independent style of working. For the right consultants, yes I would recommend EBC. It’s too good to keep to myself. The consultants and teammates are great people with great ethics. I also like that we have strong relationships with tech companies here. This is unusual for recruitment companies in Japan. 

Shimpeita Matsumoto is a director based in Ethos BeathChapman Japan, whose primary search focus is on space/aerospace, new emerging ventures and technology companies.

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