Meet Duncan, our head of Search in Asia

Unknown to most, Duncan is a calculated risk taker, has a courageous streak and a tendency to push himself beyond his comfort zone. He scuba dived with (a lot of) sharks during a feeding frenzy at the Komodo National Park in the early hours of the morning. He’s also dirt biked into the jungles of Cambodia, crossing deep ravines, gigantic boulders, muddy ditches and waterfalls while being massively hungover. He enjoys experiences that make him feel alive. 

Duncan Urquhart, EBC

Duncan was brought into Ethos BeathChapman's Singapore office in 2013 to jointly build its Technology and Telecommunications practice with Jonathan Lasenby, who currently heads EBC EMEA. Today, Duncan runs EBC's Executive Search team across Asia, leading from the front, where he remains highly hands-on with client delivery.

As a hiring manager, we ask Duncan about the kind of person who would work well with him and thrive at EBC. He says,

Someone who listens well and “gets on with it”. Hardworking, smart and motivated people. Search skills can be taught, but not motivation. Grateful, happy people with a fun, positive, enthusiastic personality, who can joke (and take jokes) while remaining professional. 

What advice would you give to new joiners and your future team members? 
Join us for the right reasons. Join because you love your job, enjoy building relationships, like sales and want to bill $1M. Join because you want to learn and be better at what you do. Join to work with like-minded people. Join to be treated as adults. Just don’t abuse the trust and flexibility you get here.

What gets you to work every day?
Being credible and relevant to the business, to be a part of EBC’s growth, the ability to still be billing at senior level, the opportunity to retain good people and our flat, friendly culture.

How is EBC different from other search firms you’ve worked for?  
Here, I have a bigger part to play in building the business and having my skin in the game. I’ve grown to work well with my colleagues. Not everyone has the privilege of working with their mates but I do. 

Why is EBC a good place for high-performing, seasoned consultants?  
Because we work hard, play hard, are super professional but can let our hair down. Because seniors lead from the front and we’re all at the top of our game with our numbers. This is a mature environment with healthy competition in a nice way – there’s no politics and colleagues respect each other.  

What do your clients enjoy about working with EBC? 
Because what they see is what they get. We are open, transparent, and we will be honest with clients. Our strong network and my grey hair experience put us in a good place where we’ll always have good stories to tell new clients introduced to us by our network.

Duncan Urquhart heads Ethos BeathChapman's Executive Search business in Asia, who partners clients in established and emerging markets to deliver on retained searches for technology, sales and marketing executives across the region.

If you are an executive recruiter who aspires the exceptional, are highly knowledgeable and passionate about your recruitment expertise and thrives in a culture that celebrates your excellence, autonomy and individuality, connect with Duncan about career opportunities within EBC.

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