Meet Daniel, and ask about his goldfish Bread Bun

Daniel’s been with EBC’s UK office since 2017, yet there’s something most people don’t know about him. He had a goldfish called Bread Bun. Try asking him how this curious name came to be. 

Daniel Slowe, EBC

Today, we asked instead about his most memorable day at EBC.

Being invited to Singapore for Christmas was pretty memorable!

Why EBC? What’s kept him here?
I enjoy the adult environment that has been created and the level of autonomy that I am given to work in a manner that would be successful for the market in Europe. 
Dan went on to talk about how different EBC is from other search firms he’s worked for,The environment is a key piece for me. I have worked with other firms in the past where your day to day can be micro managed and as I started to mature as a consultant and a person, this style began to be difficult for me.

Three adjectives he used to describe EBC's culture: 
Adult, Autonomous, Flexible. 

Was there a eureka moment that made him realise he made the right decision to join?
It’s more about my interactions with the wider business. They are a great bunch who looks after each other. You can see it from the top down and the way everyone works with each other.

What kind of person thrives here?
A focused individual who has a desire to join an expanding brand. 
Why does EBC attract such individuals?
That's because we have a fantastic reputation in the market, both for delivery and working culture. 
When friends ask him why they should join EBC, he tells them:
It’s a mature environment and you are given a lot of flexibility to run your business in a manner you see works. 
His advice to new joiners:
Work hard, listen and act. You will be backed by the business to be a success. Do those three things and you will succeed. 

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