Meet Adriell, the finance recruiter who sounds like a radio DJ

The first time you speak with Adriell over the phone, you’d be drawn to his rich baritone voice. If he weren’t an executive recruiter at Ethos BeathChapman (EBC), he’d make a pretty good radio presenter or voiceover talent. 

Adriell Ong, EBC

Adriell admits he hadn’t heard of EBC before he joined the company in 2016, but curiosity piqued when news broke that an ex-colleague had joined EBC. 

When Adriell met with Matt Beath (co-founder of EBC) during his interview, he was intrigued by the way the latter presented the business to him. Drawn by Matt’s charisma, Adriell continues, "Matt listens. He didn’t make me prove myself, nor did he try to oversell EBC. He described the opportunity and left it to me to decide if it’s right for me."

The experience of being respected as a mature adult extends beyond Adriell’s interview process. The autonomy and freedom at EBC were key differences to Adriell, compared to other search firms which in his opinion, tend to be more structured.

He clarifies, “Freedom doesn’t mean being able to slack off at work. Rather, we’re treated like grown-ups who know what we need to do to achieve what’s expected of us.”

Describe your most memorable day at EBC.
"When I first qualified for EBC’s top billers’ lunch. It has always been a 'performance milestone' every quarter for all EBC consultants and I’m just happy to be part of it. More to come!"

Would you recommend EBC to your friends? What reason would you give to them for joining? 
"Yes. For the opportunity to work with very experienced high performers whom you can learn from. EBC also allows consultants to shine. It’s not like the bigger firms with more structure and processes, where you aren’t necessarily heard. People are heard at EBC. If you’re proactive, have a suggestion and make a compelling case for it, the company will hear you out and give you the opportunity to run with it. Also, the commission structure is fantastic!"

Why do you think EBC attracts high performing consultants?
"The excitement of being a part of an up-and-coming business and the chance to work and spar with equally high-performing consultants."

What advice would you give to someone joining EBC?
"Stay grounded, listen and learn from each other. Don’t be afraid of suggesting ideas."

Which three adjectives would you use to describe the culture at EBC?
"Focused, evolving and entrepreneurial. We're focused on working hard when we're in the office. Outside work, we play hard!  What I mean by 'evolving' is that we're still growing, improving and getting better as a company. It's quite entrepreneurial because every consultant here is specialised in own domain and it feels like we’re running our own business."

What kind of person would thrive here?
"Independent, tenacious and hardworking people."

Adriell Ong is an accounting and finance executive recruiter based in Ethos BeathChapman's Singapore office. Throughout his career in global search and recruitment firms, Adriell has built a strong network of mid to senior level accounting and finance talent across various business sectors, with a particular focus within FMCG and pharmaceutical companies across Asia. Connect with Adriell.

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